Meet the Lead Pastor Selection Team

Mark Henderson   -  

QUESTION | Who are the Members of the Lead Pastor Selection Team?
ANSWER | The Selection Team is composed of members who are fully engaged in our ministry – active in various parts of our ministry and are a wide representation of our church body

Selection Team Members:

  • Pat Rundall, Scott Beckwith, Jonathan Compton, Tom Greenwald (MLB members)
  • Beth Hinson, Jessie Borkowski, Ward Leek, Bo Xie, Julie Haverly
  • Mark Henderson (non-voting)
  • Brad Heemstra – on-call as needed

QUESTION | What is the role of the selection team and where are they at in the process?
ANSWER | A key role of the selection team is to pray for God’s will for our body and to call the membership to please pray with us!

3 Step Process: At the end of this 3 step process, The Selection Team provides a recommendation to the MLB. The MLB presents a candidate to the Congregation for approval.

  1. Lead pastor profile approved in May
  2. Internal Analysis – this summer
  3. External Search

QUESTION | What are some of the ground rules for the work of the Selection Team?
ANSWER | Here is a list of some of the ground rules that the Selection Team has discussed and committed to holding each other too.

  • Check your bias at the door.  Don’t jump to a conclusion.
  • Focus more on discernment than on making a decision. Seek wisdom and discernment.
  • Remember that you are representing others in your stage/demographic.
  • Think about the future of our church. Focus on the next generation while leading the older generation.
  • Trust the process.  Our process has 3 stages:
    • Profile Development
    • Internal Analysis
    • External Search
  • Be transparent and open. We need to be candid and honest.
  • We will maintain confidentiality in all matters – including discussions with our spouse.
  • The pastor profile, as approved by the Congregation, will be used as the primary means to evaluate the priority listing of our prospects.
  • We will not “rush” the process.
  • We will avoid questioning candidates one-on-one.
  • We will require a unanimous vote of the selection team regarding the final recommendation of a pastor to the MLB using the 100%/80% rule.

QUESTION | What progress has the Selection Team made already?
ANSWER |  The Selection Team has already met 3 times. These meetings have accomplished the following:

    • Get to know each other – and working through having honest conversations
    • Ensuring that all voices are heard
    • Talk through what consensus will look like
    • Organizing questions to ask candidates
    • Working through our role and soliciting input

QUESTION | How do I get my comments, observations, and questions to the Selection Team?
ANSWER | E-mail |              Web Page |