Leaders, Members, and Listening to the Spirit

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Christ Community Church Members Take Up Important 30 days

One of the best reads over my last 24 months was a re-read—Charles Manz’s The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus.  The book is short, simple, and in my estimation, priceless.

Manz has been the Nirenberg Chaired Professor of Business Leadership at the University of Massachusetts.  He is also an unashamed disciple of Jesus.  His book urges leaders first “look in the mirror” and “master the art of leading yourself.”  Only then do you have the foundation to lead others.  Drawing up on Jesus’ model, leadership (he notes) must be exercised with compassion but also with the component of challenge.  Good leaders always lead best utilizing a  team.  When they follow Jesus together, they lead God’s people in right paths.

Christ Community Members Hearing from their Leaders

This Sunday afternoon, October 25, 2020, the members of Christ Community Church will have the opportunity to hear from those who lead us, those serving on the Missional Leadership Board.  These good men will offer to us how they have been led by the Spirit of God in their prayerful management of our (Lead) Pastoral Transition process.  In the leading of the Lord, I step aside June 1, 2021.

The Board leaders will offer to us members the opportunity to evaluate the candidacy—over the next 30 days—of Kyle Bartholic as the next Lead Pastor of the Christ Community Church team.

Be assured.  They are not presuming on the membership in any way.  Rather, they are inviting the members to prayerfully consider Pastor Kyle’s candidacy.   At the end of this evaluation time, later in November, it will be up to the Lord Jesus Christ, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, to communicate His will through the vote of our membership.  In this, Brad Heemstra, Pat Rundall, and the rest of the board—in conjunction with the great work of the Search Team—are all to be commended for bringing us to this juncture, and setting Kyle’s candidacy before us.

Pastor David’s Ask of You

Please make “attending” (either in person or via Zoom, the link is being sent to you) Sunday afternoon’s 4:30 PM meeting a priority.  We are counting on our members to be prayerful, fully engaged, and helpful in evaluating and this making ministry-shaping decision for Christ Community Church.

It is my sense that these good leaders have sought the Lord, leading us on right paths, for the long-term health and fruitfulness of Christ Community Church.  So listen well on Sunday.  Prayerfully participate in evaluation opportunities over the next 30 days.  Then, come together later in November to vote as the Spirit of God leads.   To God be the glory in the church through Christ Jesus our Lord.