Time to Inquire, Explore, Understand

David Staff   -  

Let the CCC membership engage in the process via the Forums

Within the next 24 days, the members of Christ Community Church will make a decision on a candidate for the Lead Pastor role in its ministry.   Discipleship Pastor Kyle Bartholic has expressed prayerful interest in being considered.  The Selection Team in teamwork with the Missional Leadership Board has engaged in a process, yielding a recommendation that the membership explore Kyle’s candidacy, and then make a decision led by the Spirit of God.

This is a time for every member to lean forward.  It is the time to inquire, explore, understand.  Perhaps it is needless to say that this is not the time to stay uninvolved.


In July of 1993, Pamela and I were in Kyle and Danielle’s shoes.  The “inquire, explore, understand” time was held in the original “sanctuary” of the 24th street property.  I had already met with the Search team and other leaders in smaller settings.  On that Sunday afternoon, several hours of questioning about theology and doctrine, philosophy of ministry and ministry practice, my view on women in ministry leadership, worship style, finances and ministry debt.   My leadership style was discussed, as well as key social issues like abortion, sexuality, substance abuse (alcohol and drugs).  Was I fully aligned with the EFCA doctrinal statement?  What did I understand discipleship to be?  How important were missions efforts?  Who had been my mentors?  Who were the authors who enriched my thinking and teaching?  Had I made any mistakes?  If so, what had I learned?

Our marriage and home life were also under the magnifying glass.  First Evangelical Free Church (our name back then) wanted to know enough about me professionally and us personally in order to make a wise, informed decision.  The Body needed to gain the sense it was choosing someone they could trust and follow.  It wasn’t simply about hearing me preach once a week.

In looking back, this excellent process helped me understand those whom God was calling me to lead, while enabling the members to better understand the kind of leader I would be.

To have not taken full advantage of such a process would have been unwise.

TODAY (November 2020)

Pastor Kyle and Danielle merit your active involvement in the opportunities for question-and-answer.  Important topics will be raised.  Answers determining the health and future of Christ Community Church will be explored.  My own counsel would be that you attend (either in person or via zoom) ALL the available forums.

Three FALL FORUMs are scheduled; you can register for one or all:

  • Forum 1—Sunday afternoon, November 1 at 4:30 PM
  • Forum 2—Sunday morning, November 8 at 11:00 AM
  • Forum 3–Thursday evening, November 12 at 7:00 PM

These will be followed by a special Membership Meeting on Sunday afternoon, November 22, 2020 at 4:30 PM, where a vote on Pastor Kyle’s candidacy will occur.  This decision, “reserved for the (membership) of the congregation,” must have 75% approval to pass, in keeping with our by-laws.

We love Pastor Kyle and Danielle, and their sweet children, realizing that they are seeking God’s will in this as well.  So, let’s be in prayer.  Let’s be engaged in the process of inquiry and understanding.  And as a result, let’s make a confident decision, led by the Lord Jesus himself through His Spirit.