Savannah Williams

Ames High School, 05/28/23

Parent’s Names

Kara Schulte, Jake Williams, Travis Schulte


What are your plans for next year?

My plans are to work full-time at my job, welding!


How has being involved with Christ Community influenced your faith?

Being involved in CCC throughout my high school years has had a huge impact on me and my attitude. Even if it’s just a mood booster through the week or Sunday morning messages. It is just such an uplifting and exciting environment and I will definitely miss WNL.


What is your favorite memory from Christ Community?

My favorite memory was probably our trip to Tennessee, including the flat tire on the way there, the storm on the extended trip, getting chased by an homeless man in Nashville and losing all of out personal belongings! It was seriously such a great trip, I learned so much and had so much fun!