Why “Silver Trumpets” for a blog name?

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In 50 years of reading and studying the Bible, I can’t recall reading or noticing it.
Notice what?
The Silver Trumpets.
What silver trumpets?
The ones God commanded the people of Israel to make, and to listen to, as they made their way through the wilderness of Sinai. I discovered this while preaching through Numbers in the Summer of 2017.
What were they for?

“Make two trumpets of hammered silver to summon the community and have the camps (of Israelite tribes) set out. When both are sounded in long blasts, the entire community is to gather before you at the entrance to the tent of the meeting…” (cf. Numbers 10:1-3, CSB).

Study the first 10 verses of Numbers 10, and you realize that these trumpets were to signal a number of important things to God’s people. When to move. When to prepare for an attack. When you want the Lord God to remember you. When you bring offerings and worship to the Lord. When to celebrate during any calendar year.
Two silver trumpets. “They will serve as a reminder for you before your God: I am the Lord your God” (Numbers 10:10b, CSB).
Recently, three buddies and I were golfing on a course just south of Ames. As we prepared to tee off on the sixteenth hole, a piercing siren cut through the cloudless, midday sky. It was Saturday, and yet the “noon hour” community siren clearly commanded everyone’s attention—and, I might add, for an annoyingly long time. I was reminded not only that it was 12:00 PM, but of the awakening force of an unmistakable blast of a horn.
The Silver Trumpets Blog has this purpose: To clarify God’s signals for our lives. Look and listen here for a variety of those signals:

Reflections from the Scriptures prompted by the Holy Spirit
Answers to questions posed during Gather teaching times at Christ Community Church
Tributes to the Lord and reports about His choice servants who are engaged in the mission of Christ Community Church
Whatever the Spirit wants to signal through His “silver trumpets” in our lives

“The sons of Aaron, the priests, are to sound the trumpets. Your use of these is a permanent statute throughout your generations” (Numbers 10:8). 
I trust the Lord won’t mind me offering a “trumpet sound” or two in the days to come, while we eagerly await the trumpet signaling to all of us the return of our wonderful Lord.