Deepening in Dependence on the Spirit

Christ Community Church   -  

“This study has been life-changing.”  What a beautiful comment from someone who is currently engaging the Spirit in new ways in her life.
We are just over 30 days in to our Engaging the Spirit journey this fall.  Has your life been changing as you’ve been asking the Spirit of God to flow through you more?  If so, how? 
What specific changes are you seeing in the way you are thinking, living, seeing others and reacting to others?  Is the living water of the Spirit flowing more through you?
I ask these questions because at the core of our walks with Jesus Christ is the dynamic of change.  
In his practical, helpful book Life-Changing Bible Verses You Should Know, Erwin and Rebecca Lutzer actually cite John 7:37-39 in conjunction with the chapter on the Holy Spirit.  They comment: “Jesus promised not merely a stream but streams.  All who drink will have their own artesian well within them.  This gift of the Holy Spirit is given to the thirsty.  Tragically, some think they are not thirsty because they eke out a bit of satisfaction from the stagnant streams of sensuality and personal ambition.  They do not know that they were born with a raging thirst only Jesus can satisfy” (p.86).
If you’ve taken some initial steps in the recent past to begin learning about and depending upon the Holy Spirit, now take advantage of the 2nd half of our 60 day journey.   Here are some suggestions
(1)  Use the ENGAGE THE SPIRIT journal personally. Find 15 minutes each day to read a devotional, think about it, jot down some of your thoughts, and pray.  
(2)  TALK ABOUT what you are learning with others who are a part of the CCC family — those in your Connect Group, others in your immediate family.  One couple wrote that the journal was strengthening their marriage and giving them the Spirit’s help as parents of a newborn! 
(3)  Pray more frequently during the day.  Invite the Spirit into new portions of your daily routine.  Ask Him to lead in conversations and interactions you know you’ll have.  Let the Spirit flow!
The 2nd half of our 60 day journey can be more fruitful and exciting than the 1st half. Engage the Spirit!