Engage the Spirit – leader guide #7

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IF YOU’RE LEADING THIS STUDY…                                                October 14-20, 2018                                              
Engaging the Spirit’s gifting
3 Insider Insights: 

It might be easy to get side-tracked. As a leader, keep the wheels on the track by encouraging each person to work through the GIFTING exercise and share their results.
With some of the listed GIFTS…you may want to do a bit of “definitional work” ahead of time. Your group members may ask, “What is the ‘exhorting’ gifting?” or “What is the ‘knowledge’ gifting?”   Here’s the link to a helpful article offering answers to these kind of questions. 


Key to the helpfulness of all this are the final two steps. (1) describing your grace-gifting in one sentence, and (2) where at CCC are you using this?

A helpful CONNECT GROUP LIFE idea:
Almost always, it’s a good idea to encourage knowing one another through some ice-breaker questions.  Here’s a good list…consider USING 1 or 2 to kick off your discussion.  (Extra idea: it might be fun to “assign” the Ice-breaker task to another person or couple you know could hand this well. Ask  him/her/them to research some good ice-breaker questions, and be ready each time you meet over the next 3 months.
            Here you go…

What do you do for fun?
What would be your ideal vacation?


What is the most memorable activity you did with your family as a child?
What quality do you appreciate most in a friend?


What is one characteristic you received from you parents that you want to keep, and one you wish you could change?


What is a good thing happening in your life right now?
What makes it good?


If you knew you couldn’t fail and money was no object, what would you like to do in the next 5 years?
What would you like said at your funeral?


When, if ever, did God become more than a word to you, and how did it happen?