REACH Sunday – Study

Christ Community Church   -  

Connect Group Questions
For the Message: What is so Compelling about the Love of Christ?
Luke 7:36-50
Open Up:

Share about a time when you experienced unconditional love. How did it make an impact on you? Why do you think it was a memorable moment?

 Dig In:
Read through Luke 7:36-50

Try to embrace the strong feelings in this event.

What do you think the woman was feeling?
What feelings did the Pharisees likely have toward the woman?…toward Jesus? Why?

What would the woman say was a compelling manner in which Jesus loved her?
Note that Jesus didn’t overtly condemn the Pharisees. Instead, he told a story and asked questions? How did he love the Pharisees well?
Are there any other observations you might have about this passage as it relates to the Compelling Love of Jesus?

 Take It Home:
Who do you most identify with in this passage? Why?
What might the Spirit be saying to you about becoming a better “lover” of people through this passage?
 Close in prayer, inviting God’s Love to begin to fill you in a greater way this week.