Good News of Great Joy – Leaders Guide #1

Christ Community Church   -  

November 25-December 1, 2018                                                                                                              
3 Insider Insights: 

GOAL: This week’s Connect Group experience is about encouraging people to take joy in Jesus the Lord as our SAVIOR.  As a leader, take some time to think through how the Lord Jesus’ saving impact has changed your life.  You may want to share your testimony of coming to faith in Christ, and what a “saving” difference He has made in your experience.  YOUR STORY(s) will encourage others to think through a way the Lord has saved them.

WHY NOT…think about a way your Connect Group could do something together to “bless” someone (or some family) with an expression of Jesus’ love? You may want to POLL THE GROUP MEMBERS and see if any are aware of a need that your group could meet together.   For example…

Is there as single parent family that you know you might bless in a special, tangible way?
Is there a senior or senior couple that could use a visit and prayer time from your group (you could contact the CCC church office/staff for ideas)?
How about someone who this past year lost a spouse or a close loved one? Is there a way to especially lift up the heart(s) of those who are missing – for the first time – someone “gone” at the holidays?

BE SURE TO PRAY for Christ Community Church’s important ministry outreaches at this time of year —

The Perfect Gift (December 8)
Special Services at Christmas – pray that many will come to trust in Christ as Savior this season!

Good News of Great Joy Christmas Teaching 11/25, 12/2, 9, 16, 24
Christmas Eve Monday Night December 24, 2018