Gratitude – leader guide #2

Christ Community Church   -  

IF YOU’RE LEADING THIS STUDY…                                                                             
November 11-17, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                  
3 Insider Insights: 

This month, we want to deepen our Christ Community Church family and team in their responsive thankfulness to God. This Psalms exercise – reading and reflecting on 5 Psalms that finish up the Biblical praise book – can be a great catalyst for transforming hearts that may have focused a lot on personal struggles or challenges. Take time with the word this week…spend the time together identifying the ways you’ve experienced God’s mercies.


This study is exploring how, under pressure to compromise, we can have courage to

PRESENT OURSELVES (yes, our bodies) TO GOD sacrificially
RENEW OUR THINKING (our minds) for perspective on how to honor God’s will in our situation


Here are some helpful videos about peer pressure, our teens, parenting, etc. that will bring some relevant touch points to the study with your Connect Group

Good Morning America Report (boys)

What are the pressures?
Who are young men more likely to talk to?
What’s stressing out teenage guys?

ABC News Report (girls)

What’s not the default setting in kids’ lives
What part is social media playing?

As you lead, think about focusing on PRESENT-DAY application to our kids’ lives and our lives:  How do we ground our kids and ourselves confidently in our convictions before God?
FINALLY…encourage your Connect Group members to come to the November 17th UL320 Dinner.  Register together…come together [by NOV 11]