Gratitude – leader guide #3

Christ Community Church   -  

3 Insider Insights: 

As you lead, keep in mind how many ways a “generous lifestyle” can be expressed. The tendency when talking about generosity will be to focus on financial giving (which is fitting)…but a generous lifestyle can be expressed in many important, non-financial way.  Help your group think about the various ways God’s loving generosity can flow through us by the Holy Spirit.


BY ALL MEANS…please finish this study well by teasing out personally applications! Stress how this fits so well with our CCC mission to “connect people in …” (you know the rest!)


Before the study, you may want to watch this video of how one church has been seeking together to express a generous way of living toward others.


If possible, dial this up on your computer or TV to let others watch this and respond to it, somewhere in your discussion together.

Thanks for your faithful leadership and prayerful encouragement of your Connect Group!