Good News of Great Joy – Leaders Guide #5

Christ Community Church   -  

December 23-29, 2018                                                 
As the leader, you may be tempted to skip some of the steps suggested in the study.  May we encourage you not to do this? J  Take the time to allow group members to reflect and discuss.  There is “iron sharpening iron” in such discussions.  Truths can sink it; values can be shaped; Christlikeness can be formed.
Leader Suggestions:    
GOAL: This week’s Connect Group experience is about worshipping this wonderful Person whose names indicate all that He is and came to do.
It will be to your advantage to 

read the article you can access through this link  
Bring a sheet of common names that are often given to babies, and to research what those names actually mean
HAVE FUN — You might also research the NAMES of your group members, and have that at the ready. (e.g.,  Did you know that “Mark” is from “marcus” meaning “consecrated to the god Mars” or “to be warlike”). 

Spend some opening time exploring WHO knows the MEANING of his/her NAME and if the name had any life-shaping influence in their life. 

BE SURE TO PRAY WORSHIP TOGETHER in your group. Worship the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Revel in His names.  Thank you for all that He is and all that He means to you.