Good News of Great Joy: Study #3

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Luke 2:11 Good News of (great!) JOY
This week’s teaching focused on all that God has done and will do through Jesus: Born of David, Jesus fulfills God’s greatest promises to the world.
As you begin this study together, ask the Spirit of God to provide you insight about true joy. J
Any survey of today’s newspaper pages or internet-delivered news confirms what we know all too well. There are many wonderful things in our world. Still, our world is blanketed with challenges that seem overwhelming. This week’s teaching suggested the following trouble spots:

Sin – its tragic and difficult consequences in people’s lives (what examples of this leap quickly to mind?)
Human need – so many are in need of encouragement and blessing (example?)
Unthinkable injustices – too many wrongs never appear to be set right (example?)
Inadequate leadership – surprising the kind of people who are given the mantle of leading (example?)
Chaos – even when living in a protected place, a look around daily reveals what is out of control (example?)

In a commencement speech to graduates at American University (1963), President John F. Kennedy said, “Our problems are man-made—therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants; no problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.” Do you agree with his assertion? Is this a Biblical way to size up our situation?
The Scripture insists that only the One born “of David” can both fulfill God’s greatest promises to our world, and set the future and experience of human beings aright His blessing and favor. This is God’s good news, intended to bring great joy.
The following Scriptures give us a glimpse of what Jesus is yet to do in keeping with God’s yet-to-be-realized promises. As you read, identify (and discuss!) what our world is going to experience when these are fulfilled!

Zechariah 12:8-10, 14:1-5 and Revelation 19:11-21
How will the days of the coming Tribulation end?

Revelation 20:1-6
At least 4 incredible happenings! What is established?

Luke 1:31-32
What will Jesus be given? How does this relate to Rev. 20:4b, 6b?, Cf. Ps 2

Isaiah 2:1-4, 11:5-10
What will Jesus’ reign look like? What will be experienced?

Isaiah 9:2-8

What is Jesus destined to be called, and to do, in his coming reign? And who or what will guarantee it happens?

What we’ve studied is sometimes called “the millennial age” – the age on earth when ALL of God’s promises of a Righteous King are fulfilled. Does this excite your heart? What questions do you have?
As we offer the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ to one another, and especially to those who are without hope because they have not yet met Christ, we are offering even more than forgiveness of sins. We are offering a Savior who will be Lord of the future. As you finish your look and discussion of Scripture, identify how this study has strengthened your own hope. Is there anything that you’ve discovered you’d be willing to share with someone else? Clearly, the most important Person with whom to have a relationship is the One born in the line of David…who is coming to fulfill all of God’s greatest promises to the world.