Life Questions: Why a 63 Day Devotion?

Christ Community Church   -  

The Lord has given our Christ Community Church team 6 Life Questions to ask and answer regularly. They measure our participation in the team effort. They are:

Is the Spirit flowing through me?
Does God make my day?
Who shares my tough stuff?
How worn is my welcome mat?
With whom am I fishing?
How are my investments doing?

When spiritual teammates regularly ASK each other these questions, and seek to GROW in the personal application of these questions, together we “pull in the same direction.” Prayerfully abiding in the Lord Jesus, we can be very fruitful in our ministry’s mission.
Studies have discovered that developing a new habit takes between 60-70 days. Consistency over two months can imbed an important, even life-changing rhythm.
Core Principle: God is for me. Therefore a personal connection with the heart of God through prayer and the Scriptures gives me both passion and direction for life.
Helpful Evaluative Questions:

Do I regularly consult with God before entering my day/week/month/year?
How often do I confer with God to the extent that it interrupts my plans?
Do I regularly seek guidance from God through the Scriptures?
Am I usually in a listening posture with God?
How consistently do I humbly obey the voice of God?

Starting January 6th, as a Christ Community Team, we will spend 63 days together growing in God’s presence. You can purchase a hard copy on Sunday mornings if you prefer to journal your prayers and thoughts in the devotional. You will also have the opportunity to read each devotion as they are released daily here on the blog, in the church app, and shared on social media. You’ll be able to spend a moment in God’s word from anywhere and still have an opportunity to journal your thoughts using our fill-in notes. 
We look forward to prayerfully spending the first nine weeks of 2019 experiencing God’s presence both personally and together.