Experience His Presence – Leaders Guide #4

Christ Community Church   -  

Thanks for leading this week’s study in your Connect Group.  Here’s what we hope your group members will know, feel, and do.

Remind them that CCC team members are in a 60 day time of emphasizing a LIFE QUESTION: Does God Make My Day? And engaging in our VISION 15K Ministry Opportunities of Family Enrichment and International care.

Ask group members how using the “Engage His Presence” devotional/journal is going
Share with them how you are using the devotional/journal
Encourage prayerful consistency in these things.

This study provides Biblical examples and encouragement to “experience God’s presence” every day. So read and discuss these Biblical examples, and draw out the personal encouragement your group members find in these passages.


One of the realities (of which you, no doubt, are aware) is that it is VERY EASY to lose a sense of God’s presence in everyday life without intentionally cultivating it.
As you lead the study, EXPLORE the struggles people may be having with sensing God’s presence. Honest sharing can lead to some break throughs…


Don’t leave APPLICATION of this study to the “last minute.” Take enough time toward the end to urge people to conclude both WHAT they learned and the WHAT NOW? Of what they’ve discovered.
One purposeful step toward cultivating a greater experience of God’s presence, consistently taken, can be life-changing.