Experience His Presence – Leaders Guide #5

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PRESENCE PURSUED: A Longing for God (Psalm 25)
Thanks for leading this week’s study in your Connect Group.  Here’s what we hope your group members will know, feel, and do.

Remind them that CCC team members are in a 60 day time of emphasizing a LIFE QUESTION: Does God Make My Day? And engaging in our VISION 15K Ministry Opportunities of Family Enrichment and International care.

Ask group members how using the “Engage His Presence” devotional/journal is going
Share with them how you are using the devotional/journal
Encourage prayerful consistency in these things.

This study provides an opportunity to sharpen our responses to someone who might inquire about our relationship with God. As you go through this study, EMPHASIZE with those in your group the 4 specific benefits of walking through life with the Lord. 


It may be that for each of your group members, a particular benefit (of the 4) is most meaningful to him/her Encourage each person to land on “one” of them, and share why. This will lead to some encouraging “life sharing.”


The APPLICATION section remains an important step. Studying Psalm 25 should “mature” or “deepen” someone’s understanding of all we have in our relationship with Him. This is the “after” portion of the “before<>after” exercise.  It should be encouraging to see the growth that happens as a result of the study together.

HAVE FUN!  Enjoy each other and grow!