Experience His Presence – Study #4

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Sunday’s Teaching:  This week, we found ourselves in the “tent of meeting” with Moses, in the presence of God. Perhaps it might surprise us to realize that there are times God can be frustrated with His people. In Exodus 33, Yahweh promises Moses that in leading the people he will have direction (vs.1), success (vs.2) and even provision (vs. 3), but initially adds “But I’m not going with you.”  Direction, success, and even provision were not enough for Moses.  God’s servant insisted on God’s presence.  Without God’s promise of presence, Moses is not willing to lead Israel anywhere!
Key Question:  HOW CRITICAL IS THE PRESENCE OF GOD in your daily living, and where you are heading?
Let’s get STARTED
warm up by sharing your “agreement” or “disagreement” with the following statement: 
“Do we not live in a culture where people think ‘a little’ God is good, but ‘a lot of God’ is simply too much, something over-the-top?   This passage (Exodus 33), and many others in Scripture, call you/me to living with the exact opposite perspective.”

Has anyone ever shared with you that he/she thinks this true of you? (i.e., that “you bring God into too many things”)
Can someone have “too much” God in daily living?
Why are some uncomfortable with “too much” God? What’s behind the discomfort?

Let’s Explore in the WORD
This week’s teaching highlighted Moses’ remarkable humility.  He did not believe he could lead God’s people well without God’s presence, and he had no interest in doing so.  To better understand this…
(1)  Together, read again Exodus 33:12-17

What was the task Moses was called to do?
What did Moses know He needed from the Lord to do this (note the specific things!)?
Why did Moses insist on God’s presence?
In what way is Moses’ interaction with God instructive for your relationship with the Lord? 

(2)   READ and THINK ABOUT other Biblical examples which demonstrate our personal need of God’s presence:

What was Hagar’s experience? Genesis 16:1-14. What did Hagar come to realize even in a difficult time of rejection (vs.13)?
Jacob in Genesis 28:10-22 How was Jacob reassured of the Lord’s presence?
Joshua in Joshua 1:1-9 What did God promise this servant-leader?
What was Paul’s experience with the Lord’s presence? (2 Timothy 4:13-18)? How does this encourage you?
Jesus promised to be “with us” (cf. Matthew 28:19-20). According to John 14:15-17, who is the Person of God who keeps the presence of God’s Son with us?  What do John 7:37-39 and Ephesians 1:13-14 contribute to our understanding of God’s presence with us?

QUESTION:  In what present circumstances do you really need to be sure of the Lord’s presence?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Recently, a Connect Group participant said, “I find it helpful to ask two questions after reading or studying something:  What? and What now?”  

So, how would you summarize the WHAT of this study? “These Scriptures are teaching me that _____________________________________________________________________________________________________.”

So, going forward (What now?) I will seek to _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

 Let’s live the mission!     Pastor David (Staff)