Experience His Presence – Study #5

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Sunday’s Teaching:  This week, we explored a prayerful song by the singer of Israel, David, rehearsing the wonderful benefits of a relationship with God and His presence in our lives.  A helpful exercise is to pause and remember the blessings that are afforded to us because God has brought us into His family and invited us into intimacy.  Psalm 25 expressed 4 benefits – (1) we entrust our lives to a faithful God, (2) we receive help when facing real enemies, (3) we experience forgiveness when guilty of sin, and (4) we are granted guidance for the challenges of living 
Let’s get STARTED
Suppose an unbelieving friend asked  you, “You’re religious, I know.  Tell me why?  Why is God and church important to you?”

how might you thoughtfully answer that question?
How would you describe the benefit of being God’s child?
What is it that you need from God that you cannot find anywhere else? 

 Let’s EXPLORE in the WORD  
Once again, read (out loud) Psalm 25 together as a group.  Then observe Scripture and unpack with the following questions:
#1        What do you think David means when he says “To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul”?   How would you
express what David is doing in your own words?  (i.e., What does it mean to do this?)
#2        David expresses the help he gets from God in 4 ways.  Note the verses which address each area
a) HELP WITH ENEMIES  (vss.2,3,16-19)

What help does David need when it comes to His enemies?
What enemies do you need God’s help with these days?

b) HELP WITH GUIDANCE (vss.4-5, 8-10, 12-14)

What kind of guidance does David get from the Lord?
What does this look like in your experience?

c) HELP WITH GUILT (6-7, 11)

Does it seem that David often struggled with guilt?
What help does David get from the Lord with this? (cf. 1 John 1:8-2:2)

d) HELP WITH TRUST (vss. 1-3, 15, 20-21)

In what ways was David counting on God (be specific!)?
What specific things are you trusting the Lord for in your life these days?

#3        What key attitudes does David exhibit in his song that keep his relationship with God alive and vibrant?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Circling back to your inquiring friend, has your answer changed (or become more comprehensive) as a result of studying this Psalm?

What else would you NOW add in your initial answer in the “Let’s Get Started” section? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

To finish up, let’s ask the Holy Spirit to give us an opportunity to share, with an unbelieving friend, the joys and benefits of knowing God.  It’s a prayer that asks Him for a “Welcome Mat” opportunity to share our faith.
 Let’s live the mission!     Pastor David (Staff)