Experience His Presence – Study #6

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PRESENCE REWARDED: Sojourning with the Lord
 Sunday’s Teaching:  Who is it that gets to take life’s journey with the intimate companionship of the Lord Himself?  This was the question for which this week’s teaching sought an answer. 
Key Question:  O Lord, who shall sojourn in Your tent?  What shall dwell on Your holy hill?  Psalm 15:1
 Psalm 15’s answer:  On our common journey, only those who excel in righteousness
sojourn with the full companionship, and confidence, of the Lord.
Let’s get STARTED 
Are you a “checklist” person?  Those who study our brains suggest that When we experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning and 
motivation. When we feel the effects of dopamine, we’re eager to repeat the actions that resulted in success in the first place. Neuroscientists refer to this as self-directed learning.” This is why achieving small goals is such an effective way to stay motivated during long-term projects and processes.” (htps://blog.trello.com/the-psychology-of-checklists-why-setting-small-goals-motivates-us-to-accomplish-bigger-things). 
CAUTION:  It would be easy to consider Psalm 15 a “checklist” of things “to do” in order to get close to God.  So discuss:  Is daily living with God’s presence basically a checklist of things to do?  What’s behind your answer?”
Let’s EXPLORE in the WORD  
Once we’ve been given the righteousness of Christ – as a gift by faith (cf. Romans 3:21-22) – the Lord desires that righteousness (i.e., right living that reflects His holiness”) mark our every day life.  Let’s discover what that looks like?
As those who died with Christ to sin (Romans 6:4), what does Paul say we are to do with the “members” (parts, capabilities) of our bodies?     Romans 6:11-14  (express this in your own words)         _________________________________________________________________________________
Who is the Person essential to empower us to live righteously?   (Romans 8:1-9)          _________________________________________________________________________________
       How easy is it for us to think “I just need to try harder!”? 
As the Spirit directs and empowers us to live righteously, what will others see in our lives? Described in… 
            Matthew 5:2-11      How does Jesus describe righteous living?
            Romans 12:9-21     How does Paul describe righteous living to the Romans?
            Galatians 5:22-23   How does Paul describe righteous living to the Galatians?
             2 Peter 1:5-11         How does Peter describe righteous living to disciples of Jesus?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Psalm 15 is but one description of excellence in righteous living.  Such a person enjoys a life-long sojourn with the Lord Himself.  And, when we express the Lord’s righteousness consistently in our living, others see the very presence of God in our lives.  They sense we “march to the beat” of the Holy Spirit, and not the world’s drummer.
In any of the “lists” you surveyed during this study, are there some specific “marks of right living” you’d like to see more consistently in your life?  IDENTIFY one or two right now, and let that inform your praying as your group gets on its knees together.
 Let’s live the mission!     Pastor David (Staff)