Experience His Presence – study #7

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Sunday’s Teaching:  How surprising is it that the Lord would love to be acknowledged in “all our ways”?  Why?  Not because God is instrusive, but out of his love, He longs to “make our ways straight.” 
Key Question:  What is God’s core principle-promise found in Proverbs 3:5-6? 
Proverbs 3:5-6:  When eagerly trusted in all things, God Himself brings
a wise “straightness” to every decision, endeavor or relationship in life.
 Let’s get STARTED
Put on your “remembering caps” and think about someone you knew – someone who influenced you – who was extraordinarily wise.  Share what you saw in their lives as you assess:

How did this person demonstrate his/her wisdom?
What wise–perhaps even surprising—insight did you see them speak or use that left an impression on you?
Were the wisest person(s) you knew also godly?
Finally, for what are you looking for wisdom in your current stretch of life? And, where are you looking?  With whom are you consulting?

Let’s EXPLORE in the WORD  
Proverbs 3 is packed with wisdom.  Read it together!  As you do this study, have a blank sheet of paper and a pen handy.   In his commentary Proverbs, Derek Kidner remarks: “Whereas chapter 2 emphasized the moral stability which grows with wisdom, chapter 3 particularly promises serenity. This is seen as the fruit of a thoroughgoing godliness, three aspects of which mark the main division of the chapter.” These three aspects are:

 “Glad commitment” (vv. 1-10),

Read the verses and list the COMMITMENTS                and the RESULTS
               a wise person makes                                            a wise person should experience

“Patient quest” (vv. 11-20) – How would you describe the “quest” of these verses? Why is “patience” needed?  What is the outcome?

“Quiet integrity” (vv. 21-35) – What are some of the wisdom keys for living a life of integrity? (note all the “do not’s” in this section).   Pick out one or two that impress you, or perhaps are currently applicable.

Interestingly, Paul points us to a PERSON who can supply us with wisdom.  Take a look at Colossians 2:1-4.  In light of this, where else (besides Proverbs) might we find wisdom for living life well?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Finish your consideration of wisdom with a look at James 3:14-18.  How does this Apostle urge us to display the wisdom God’s Spirit gives us (cf. James 1:2-4…note the wisdom available for tough times)?  Focus especially on 3:17. 
Of course, we realize the following.  #1  If the Spirit is flowing through us (in control), God’s wisdom has a greater opportunity to attend our lives.  #2  If God is making our day, we have a daily input of our Father’s heart and mind to express in our lives.
Pray for God’s wisdom to fully control you in whatever challenges you may be facing in life.  Tune in and pursue the One in whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Let’s live the mission!