Experience His Presence – Leader Guide #8

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LEADER TIPS for  “Experiencing God’s Presence”
PRESENCE TREASURED: The Heart Habit of God’s Son
Thanks for leading this week’s study in your Connect Group.    
This week’s message came from an snapshot from Jesus’ life where, after a monster-day, still rose to be with His Father before the next days demands came barking. 
Here’s what we hope your group members will know, feel, and do. 

We have the opportunity to meet with God every day, and the growing, positive impact of God “making our day” every day can have remarkable benefits.
LEADER TIP – especially at the beginning of the study time, help your group members identify things that happen EVERY DAY that they simply will not miss. Then, connect-the-dots to whether or not meeting with God is on that list. 


One of the factors of whether or not we meet with God is the “spiritual battle.” Quite frankly, our enemy has “schemes” to derail our daily appointments with the Father.
LEADER TIP – encourage your group members to think about the specific ways the Enemy may be attempting to keep them from meeting with God. What does he “throw in the way.” 


APPLICATION – Again, the final section is VERY IMPORTANT. We can improve by not only identifying new steps to take, but also offering TO BE ACCOUNTABLE for taking those steps.
LEADER TIP – when your group members decide on a new step…take a moment to say, “OK…net time we meet, let’s check back with one another on progress!” 

HAVE FUN!  Enjoy each other and grow!