Me? An Ambassador? – Study

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Ice Breaker Question
Think back. Share about a time when you had to break up a fight, or patch things up between two friends, or negotiate a business deal. Be specific about the role you played. How did it turn out? Was there a point when you honestly thought the two sides wouldn’t come together?
Think of people you know who are far from Christ. In what specific ways do they…

Have a disagreement with the actions of God? Or,
Live a lifestyle inconsistent with God’s best for them? Or,
Disconnect themselves from God through distrust of Him?
Consider themselves as ones who pridefully think that they know better than God? 

How hard is it to imagine a path where this person would one day be reconciled to God? Why do you think it is difficult to believe that a person can turn 180 degrees toward Christ? 
What is required of a Christian who wants to help reconcile a non-Christian to God? What is most helpful?
Read aloud 2 Corinthians 5:16-21; note the number of times the word ‘reconcile’ is used.
Who was Paul’s example of the ideal ‘ambassador’? And, what was the primary role of this Ambassador? What can we learn from Christ’s example as a reconciler? 18-20
What does verse 20 tell you about Paul’s desire?
Find a partner and pray Ephesians 6:18-20 for each other.