Share the Gospel – Study #1

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Who is GOD?  (How would you share Who He is?)
 As we begin our Easter consideration of “sharing the gospel,” we consider this arresting idea:
 There is a God who is much more curious about you,
than you may be about Him.
Let’s get STARTED
Someone recently made this observation:  “I don’t find people curious about God anymore.  He’s not a subject people want to talk about, or even think about discussing.” 

Do you find this to be the case?
Why do you think people often avoid talking about God? What are the reasons?
When are people more motivated to talk about God? What’s been your experience? 

Let’s EXPLORE in the WORD  
Imbedded in Scripture are incidents where people wanted to know about God, and connect with Him.  Explore the reasons why each of the following became interested in knowing the Lord:
Read Joshua 2:1-14       What was behind Rahab’s (a prostitute) curiosity?
                                    How did God draw her to Himself…and how did the spies affirm and help her interest?
Read 2 Kings 22:1-13    What was behind Josiah’s (the King) curiosity?
                                    How did God get Josiah’s attention…and what was his response?
Read Luke 19:1-10        What do you think was behind Zaccheus’ curiosity?
                                    What did the Lord do to handle the interest this tax collector had?
Read John 3:1-18          Nicodemus (a Pharisee) came with curiosity.  What was behind his?
                                    How would you characterize Jesus’ response and handling of him?                                  
We encounter people from all walks of life.  Somewhere along the pathway, each is drawn to think about God, perhaps even to be curious and want to know more.   The above are just examples of people who come to a place of wonder about God.  What advice does Paul suggest in the various relationships we have – read and discuss Colossians 4:5-6.
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Take a quick survey of your group.  Which of you have shared the good news, clearly and recently, with someone?  Is it a frequent occurrence, or rare?   Why do you think this is so?
If we are going to have the chance to share the Good News found in Christ Jesus, we must be  (1) prayerful about the Spirit creating those opportunities and (2) ready to read the need of the moment in a conversation.
There is a good, merciful, and gracious God who is more curious about the world of lost people around us than they may be of Him.  Perhaps the question is – How curious are we about them?  If given a chance to discuss “God” with someone who is irreligious, how would we present Him?  To what story in Scripture would you turn to show the true heart and nature of God?  FINISH your study by reading Luke 15:11-32 together…and then praying for those whom you know need to be more curious about the Lord.
 Let’s live the mission!     Pastor David (Staff)