Share the Gospel – Leader Guide #2

Christ Community Church   -  

WHO ARE WE?  (What does God think of us?  How should we view ourselves?)
Thanks for leading this week’s study in your Connect Group.  Here’s what we hope your group members will know, feel, and do.

During the EASTER season, we are emphasizing the opportunity we have to SHARE THE GOSPEL with people. 
Be prepared to share with your group how YOUR self-image and value were shaped through your growing up years. Your vulnerability here will likely “break the ice” for others to share, and can lead to a very meaningful time of mutual understanding and encouragement. 


You will note that sizing up WHO WE ARE involves embracing some realism about our sinful condition and some hope that can only be found in Christ.  Someone once said that “people need to feel a sense of lostness (or need) before they are willing to be found (or saved).  As your group works through the 3 “in” situations, allow them to feel their need of Christ. 


The objective of the SHARE THE GOSPEL series is to encourage people to take a step and share with someone who may not know Jesus.
Don’t be shy in urging all in your group to find someone with whom to share the gospel.  Ask people to come back next time and share their experience.

HAVE FUN!  Enjoy each other and grow!