Storm Strong Families – Leader Guide #1

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Storm Strong Families are Jesus/Gospel Centered
Why the Gospel is so central to a strong family
Thanks for leading this week’s study in your Connect Group. Here’s what we hope your group members will know, feel, and do.

Because this is a series that will “peak behind the closed doors” of family life, members of your group may feel initially threatened by sharing what happens at home.
Encourage group members to be candid. Make sure your group is a SAFE PLACE for sharing and encouragement to happen. WE ARE ALL IN PROCESS… 🙂


This first message intentionally started at square 1. Without the change which the Gospel can make in our lives, we are without the resources God has provided for the best family life.
CONNECT with your group members in the “Let’s Get Started” section.
EXPLORE with them some of the true struggles they may be feeling right now.


The APPLICATION section is so important!
Identifying how the Gospel can make a difference at home can be a first great step.
URGE one another to make Jesus Lord, not only of the universe, but of each home as well.

HAVE FUN!  Enjoy each other and grow!