Storm Strong Families – Study #7

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Storm Strong Families’ STRATEGIES
1 Thessalonians 5:6-22
Brent and Sue Thomas shared from personal experience a simple set of strategies for parents to shepherd and shape their kids.
#1  Look AHEAD: live intentionally in light of Christ’s return
#2 Look UP: submit to the authorities around you
#3 Look AROUND: be aware of those who need encouragement and help
#4 Look IN: be ready to learn and be shaped by others
This message spoke to us about the importance of thoughtful living in relationship with others.
Let’s get STARTED – what aspect of this teaching resonated quickly with you? PICK ONE of the following, COMPLETE the sentence, and SHARE your experience…
“The prospect of Jesus’ momentary, personal return ____________________________.”
“Learning to be in submission to the authorities God has placed in my life has ____________________.”
“Recently, God’s Spirit helped me notice someone who ____________________________.”
“One key thing God has taught me through others has been ______________________.”
Let’s EXPLORE in the WORD   To get in the Word, let’s explore a passage dealing with each of the “Look(s)” above.
How does this passage HELP ME LIVE INTENTIONALLY in light of the Lord’s return?
MATTHEW 24:36-44
How does this passage shape my attitude when it comes to OBEYING THE AUTHORITIES God places in my life?
ROMANS 13:1-7
How does this passage keep me ALERT TO ENCOURAGE OTHERS? 
ROMANS 15:1-7
How does this passage encourage me TO BE TEACHABLE?              
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION – This has been a practical approach to family life. Helping family members to become “storm-strong” through thoughtful, intentional living, through exemplary submission, having eyes to encourage and help, and ready to learn.
What kind of discussion about these “Look” principles would be timely in your home? ANSWER this thoughtfully, and…
PRAY TOGETHER – Christ Community Church has a focus on “family enrichment.” As we plan for a Fall 2019 emphasis on this, please pray that the Holy Spirit will powerfully bring families together