Storm Strong Families – Study #8

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Storm Strong Families Have a Rudder
1 John 2, Hebrews 12, Proverbs 4, Ephesians 6
This Father’s Day teaching underscore that a storm-strong family does best when there is a man who chooses to embrace his role as the rudder of the family. Three marks were noted:

Dads who offer the rudder of family-steering relational faith – they have come to know God   1 John 2:11-14
Dads who offer the rudder of intentional discipline – they invest in making disciples   Hebrews 12, Proverbs 4
Dads who offer the rudder of sacrificial love – they sacrifice to nurture their kids in the Lord’s admonition Eph 6:4

THIS WEEK’S CONNECT GROUP EXPERIENCE is centered on a story originally published in an edition of The Reader’s Digest in 1969. Have the group READ OUT LOUD this story together (paragraph by paragraph).

After reading, discuss the point of this story…and how it teaches what great fathering looks like…


What do you think the author means by “I see things as God must” ? What are the pieces that are fitting together?
Will you spend time praying together as a Connect Group for 
(1) the spiritual health and well being of our CCC families?
(2) for the effectiveness of our FAMILY ENRICHMENT ministry in 2019-2020?
(3) for the needs that are in your life (or in the lives of others) of which you are aware…