Joy to the World – Study #4

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The Joy of Certain Salvation – 1 Peter 1:1-9
Sunday’s teaching took us to Peter’s first letter to Christians who had encountered significant disruption. We have lived through what one major newspaper has called “the decade of disruption.” We feel that disruption in both being in the swirl of a morally-disrupted culture, as well as in the difficult things which invade our walks with God. Yet the truth from Peter was this: Though our living may be disrupted, our salvation could not be more certain.
Let’s get STARTED warm up with…Peter calls Christians “elect exiles” (1 Peter 1:1). Have you, as a Christian, ever felt out-of-place, like you didn’t belong…like you were not where you should be? What was difficult about this? Talk this out with your Connect group…then re-read together 1 Peter 1:1-9.
Let’s Explore in the WORD – Peter’s opening words encouraged believers to think in a different way about the difficulties which attended their living. Explore the two major areas below together.
It’s easy to forget that God has his hands wrapped around our life every day, every hour, every moment. Take a few moments with Psalm 139.  Read the paragraphs out-loud with the members of your group.

How is God’s active involvement with you described, and in what verses?
Is it possible for you to be in a place or situation without God’s presence? What verses answer this question?
How involved was God in your creation? {do you believe this?}
In light of what he is saying, why do you think David expresses frustration with the wicked?
Finally, how personally open is David to God? What does he want God to do?  {you too?}

It’s also easy to forget that our present sufferings will someday be swallowed up in victory. Take a look at a 2nd passage –  Romans 8:18-25. Again, answer some key questions:

What two things does Paul say are not “worth” comparing? What does he mean?
To what is the whole creation eagerly looking forward?
What will happen when “we” are revealed?
What (or who) is in us, prompting us to keep our heads up?
HOW are we to hope?

Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
YOUR PLAN – Sunday’s teaching from 1 Peter asked us to “reframe” our lives in light of God’s involvement and the gifts that come to us connected with our great salvation. Do you have a plan to deepen your walk with the Lord Jesus in the upcoming calendar year? Take some time to unpack some “intentional growth” steps and plans with your group. How about holding each other accountable to some good things?
OUR MISSION –  Beginning next Sunday, those on the Christ Community Church “team” will be taking up our next LIFE QUESTION teaching series called “WINSOME: Loving to Share the Good News.” Who do you want to share the good news with in the new year?
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