Teaching them to Pray

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Praising, worshiping, and thanking God together sets our hearts on Our Father first. Going to the Lord first with difficulties sets an example and acts as a witness to the great power of our God. As you consider what it may look like for your family to engage in prayer together, to guard your and your students hearts, and to better know your Savior, lead by example. 
What are somethings that have impacted your prayer life over the years?
Check out this article on some steps to take as you disciple your student to pray. 
The six steps they talk through are: 
1. Teach them what prayer is 
2. Tell them why we pray 
3. Show them how to pray. 
4. Get them started. 
5. Keep them going. 6. Tell them it’s time for them to teach their younger sibling. 
Let us know if there is something that resonates with you!