Winsome – Study #1

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Loving the God of the Good News
Sunday’s Teaching: On this first Sunday of the Winsome Series, we are introduced to its core truth: Because we love God, disciples of Jesus Christ love to share what God loves to do. In our time together, our CGS explores aspects of this central principle.
Let’s get STARTED warm up by discussing the following:

Identify the reasons disciples of Jesus (like us) find it difficult to share the gospel.
write down each one when raised, then discuss to unpack each challenge further

Let’s Explore in the WORD
Now…take your Bibles together and find answers to the challenges you’ve listed. In other words, can you identify Scripture that would help overcome each challenge you’ve listed?
Example: Reason  A person’s walk with God may currently be inconsistent, cold, lifeless
Scriptural help: 1 John 1:8-10 – perhaps there is a need to confess hindering sin; Ephesians 5:16-18 – am I asking for the Spirit’s daily filling/control?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
Take some moments to explore what you’ve discovered together as a Connect Group. 

Have you discovered some of the barriers you face in sharing the gospel?
What help did you glean from Scripture?
From the help, can you take a step forward in asking the Spirit to use you to share the gospel? What is that step.

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THIS WEEK:  ALSO listen to…Pastor Staff’s “Beyond the Sermon” podcast Episode 5.  This week’s question: What is sin and why does it separate us from God?

Here’s how… (1)  download the CCC App to your phone, (2) Open it, (3) bottom right-hand corner, access “Media”, (4) choose RESOURCES (right side near top), (5) access Beyond the Sermon Episode 5 “What is Sin?”  Provided to help you share the good news more clearly. Learn!  Enjoy!!  Use!!!