Winsome – Study #6

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Life’s Greatest Opportunity – Supernatural Living
Sunday’s Teaching:  This week’s teaching focused on the opportunity every Christian has to live supernaturally. As described in our devotional Winsome: Loving to Share the Good News, Section 3, “You have new opportunity,” the Lord himself invites us into full access to God, the opportunity to become like Christ, to live in anticipation of future glory, to live with a fruitfulness in others’ lives, to overcome the devil’s schemes, to be rooted and built up in Christ, and to be daily  filled with (i.e., controlled by) the Holy Spirit.
Let’s get STARTED warm up by discussing the following:

Share with your Connect Group members some of the best opportunities that have come your way in life. Which do you remember? Why was the opportunity so special and important to you? How did any given opportunity change you, or the course of your life?
What is an “opportunity”? Why is having opportunity important?
Discuss what was insightful for you from this week’s teaching. Which “opportunity” did the Holy Spirit impress upon your thinking in a new and helpful way/

Let’s Explore in the WORD
Do you see the “Christian life” as a unique and special opportunity… or has it been for you more of a burden?
Take your Bibles and turn to Ephesians. Tonight’s study is a simple one, using the following steps —
NOTE:  you will be reading the entire book together in this exercise. Taking turns, read the chapters of Ephesians out loud.  As you all read, have each OBSERVE by JOTTING DOWN the “opportunities” you can discover in the pages of this important letter. Jot down at least one opportunity for supernatural living from each chapter. Be sure to state the opportunity you see in your own words (see spaces below). When the reading is done, share the opportunities you noted, and discuss why these are significant, if not life changing.
CHAPTER            The “supernatural” opportunity to…
Ephesians 1         
Ephesians 2         
Ephesians 3          
Ephesians 4         
Ephesians 5          
Ephesians 6         
Discuss: Which opportunity got your attention? Why? How might this grow you in Christ, perhaps in a life-changing way?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION
If you’ve noted and chosen an opportunity to live more supernaturally, spend some time in prayer about this.
And…the NEXT TIME your  Connect Group meets, talk about what has happened between THIS MEETING and THE NEXT MEETING. 

Keep using our Devotional, and PRAY for God to lead and open up new doors for praying, caring, sharing with someone who is not yet in the family of God. LIVE supernaturally…by God’s Spirit!
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