Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war.

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Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war.—Proverbs 20:18

As events and developments unfold for our world, our country, and our local region, we who follow the Lord Jesus Christ should cooperate well with the recommendations of those who are our governing authorities (cf. Romans 13:1).
While we desired to resume our normal functioning by Easter weekend (April 10-12)—as a Body eager to celebrate together the resurrection of our victorious Lord—it is abundantly clear that this is neither wise nor possible. President Trump, all knowledgeable health advisors, and our own Governor Kim Reynolds, are strongly urging that no public gatherings happen in the month of April as we continue to wage war against the novel coronavirus in our population.
Therefore, Mark Henderson and I have made the call for our ministry constituency and staff. We will continue our suspension of gathering together for ministry programming and discipleship at the campus of Christ Community Church through Thursday, April 30. To be sure, we will continue to monitor our country’s and our region’s situation as the month progresses. Thank you so much for YOUR prayers.
Our Gather Worship leadership and servants, under the direction of Chris Akers, are planning to conduct both Good Friday worship (7:00 PM on April 10) and Easter morning Worship (9:00 AM and 10:45 AM on April 12) ONLINE from the CCC Campus.

Our Good Friday worship will include a celebration of the Lord’s Table, and we urge you to prepare for that evening by having in your apartment or home elements of grape juice (or red wine), cups, and unleavened bread (i.e., crackers), that we might join together in this important remembrance of our Lord’s death on our behalf.
Our Easter worship will NOT include live baptisms, but will include Easter song celebration and preaching on the resurrection of our Lord, as well as testimony of the risen Lord’s impact on our lives.

I am so thankful for our staff team which continues to amaze me in their creativity to bring ministry to our children, students, and adults through a variety of chat rooms, video
conferencing software, our Facebook page, our website, through podcasts and blogs, through our CCC App, and other avenues. Our Connect Group Leaders are praying together with Pastor Kyle on Tuesday evenings, and we are considering a 24-hour prayer vigil as a Body for the Lord’s mercy and help in this time of crisis.
Furthermore, your stewardship giving has been so faithful. Thank you for using the tools at your disposal to keep our ministry well-supplied during these uncharted weeks. 
This coming Sunday, we will continue our teaching series WORTHY: Worship the Lion Slain as the Lamb, from Revelation 5. I invite you to once again join the livestream and celebrate the greatness of the One worthy to take the scroll and direct human history.
Pray for one another. Lean into the resources of God’s Spirit. Trust your Father. Follow the Savior. 2 Timothy 4:22.
—Pastor David Staff