Winsome – Study #10

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Good News SHARING with Others
Sunday’s Teaching: This series-completing teaching in WINSOME  focused on our readiness to share the gospel: our eagerness, our Spirit-dependence, and our clarity with those whom the Lord has prepared to hear the good news. It has been our prayer that these first 10 weeks in 2020 will lead all of us into a consistent lifestyle of loving to share the good news. Such a lifestyle will energize Christ Community’s mission to connect people to life-defining relationships in Christ.
Let’s get STARTED have everyone “take” the evaluation here, and then share your thoughts behind it. Of a possible “50 points,” how did you score? Why? What might you like to improve?

Let’s Explore in the WORD
Our focus in this study is Philip’s encounter with the court official from Ethiopia, who as he was leaving Jerusalem to return home, was reading a copy of Isaiah’s prophetic book. Open Bibles to Acts 8:26-40
(1) READ the story out-loud together
(2) MAKE OBSERVATIONS about the story – raise questions that come to mind and give likely answers. For example:

how would this official gotten a (hand-written) copy of Isaiah?
how far along in the prophesy had he read?
what do you see in the attitude of the Ethiopian?
what kind of preparation would Philip need to be able to handle his questions

(3)  LESSONS – what personal lessons do you get from Philip’s example here about readiness to share the gospel? Jot 2-3 of them down for your own future reflection.

Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION

In the final section of the WINSOME devotional, “Sharing with Others”, there are scriptures which underscore the following:

Acts 8:29-34–Being Ready to share
1 Peter 3:14-17–Being Humble in sharing
John 1:26-30–Being Clear about what to share
1 Timothy 1:12-15–Being Vulnerable in my sharing
Ephesians 5:15-16–Being Wise in sharing
Acts 1:6-9–Being dependent on the Spirit
Matthew 10:16-20–Being Courageous to share

Which of these would you like the Lord to GROW in your life?
Explain to your group, and make all of your GROW areas a matter in your prayer time.
Thank you for growing in Life Question #4  How Worn is My Welcome Mat?   
Pastor David
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