Worthy – Study #2

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The One Worthy to Take the Scroll
Revelation 5:1-10
Sunday’s Teaching:  On this second Sunday of considering the momentous, heavenly scene of Revelation 4-5, we considered the worthiness of the Lion (or is it a Lamb) to receive the scroll from the One who sits on the throne. Too quickly, perhaps, we forget the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ to both all of history and (more personally) to all of life—to each of our individual lives.
So how important is this truth to the set of our hearts and the expression of our lives?
Let’s get STARTED share together how important the Lord Jesus Christ is to each person in your group. Take some time to explain “how Christ became important to me” and “why Christ is important to my everyday life.  

follow this by sharing how He has become even more important during the present crisis

Let’s Explore in the WORD – Very frequently – more often than we realize – the Scripture puts THE spotlight on the importance of the Lord Jesus Christ to all of life. Let’s explore His importance from the following passages –
Genesis 3:15 – Where do you see Christ in this passage? How important is He to what needs to happen now that the serpent deceived Eve and Adam? What did this passage say He would accomplish? How important? 
Psalm 2 – Where  do you see Christ in this passage? What opposition is He facing? How important is He to God’s future plan for the world (vs.8)? How should the rulers in this world respond to the Lord’s Anointed One?
Daniel 7:11-14 – Daniel sees a vision of an incredible presentation in the heavenly courtroom. A (future) arrogant world leader is put to death. Then what happens? Who is central to the future? (And what passage does this remind you of?)
Colossians 1:13-20 – Much here! Talk of what you see here about the importance of Christ!
John 15:1-5 – Zoning in on Christ’s important to each of us. Talk about your own dependence on Christ for your personal “fruitfulness.” 
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION – “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).
Finish by:

sharing how you would like to grow in making the Lord Jesus central in your life.
praying for one another, and for others, for growing in His grace in the knowledge of Him

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