Worthy – Study #3

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The One Worthy of Creation’s Celebration
(What happened to the Lamb that was slain?)
John 20 and Revelation 5:1-10
Sunday’s Teaching: This Easter Sunday’s teaching from John 20 took us back to the confusing moments on resurrection morning. Oddly, though the Lord had often predicted both His death and His resurrection (Mark 9:31, 10:34), those who had followed Him did not expect at all for Him to exit His grave. The empty tomb was first shrouded in naturalistic explanations, and persistent doubt (e.g., John 20:24-25).
Yet Jesus’ resurrection was more than an (almost) unbelievable reversal of death. It was the basis for truly changed lives. The apostles, the broader band of disciples, and those who would soon become part of the Body of Christ were all changed, from the inside out, by the reality and power of Jesus’ resurrection.
This study encourages your group members to consider how Christ Jesus’ bodily resurrection has personally changed their lives, and why the Spirit’s resurrection power is so necessary for our faith and our living each day.
Let’s get STARTED imagine someone asks you questions like these.  Share how you would respond:

do you believe Jesus Christ bodily rose from the dead? what makes you so sure?
why is Jesus’ bodily resurrection so important to you?

Let’s Explore in the WORD – Take some time exploring (and recalling) these passages to freshly understand why the bodily resurrection of Jesus is so important…
Luke 24:18-27 – Sunday morning, two walk back to their home village. The death of Jesus (by itself) left them hopeless and confused. What did spending time with the risen Savior mean to them?
John 20:11-18 – An empty stone tomb causes Mary (of Magdala, cf. Luke 8:1-2) to weep? Why do you think she was weeping? What do you think it meant to her to again see Jesus alive?
John 20:24-28 – Have you ever been a “Thomas” in your relationship with the Lord Jesus? Do you know a ThomasWhat do you think it meant to him to encounter Jesus this way? And, what do you think Jesus meant by the last statement of vs. 29 (i.e., why are those who have not seen and yet believe “blessed”)? cf. 1 Peter 1:6-9
Romans 8:9-11 – Take some minutes with this passage. Who raised Jesus from the dead? Where is He right now? What is Paul’s (and indeed, God’s) promise here? How do you take it?        
1 Cor 15:12-22 – How critical is the fact of the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead? Rehearse Paul’s argument together (both the “negative argument” and the “positive argument”).
Galatians 2:20  – Finally…could this verse be our experience if Christ Jesus were still in the grave? What is our experience because the tomb is vacant?
Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION

Identify the most important-to-me passage above by completing this sentence. “Jesus bodily resurrection is so important to me because…
Identify someone, outside your group, to share this with. Who?

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