International Friendship Partners Serve Thursday

Jill Scott   -  


This week for Serve Thursday we are featuring a video interview with International Friendship Partners Jeanne Majoros and Mira Jung (from Korea).  We have discovered that this is one of the most natural and effective ways that you can be involved in Christ Community’s vision proper focus of “International Care.”  If you would like to sign up for a partner (whether face to face or virtual), simply contact Sonya Peterson at

Please go to the following link to sign up for this program!

Mira is a very talented artist and below are some pictures she has shared with us today!

My life these days is like a bird trapped in a cage and a tree that will burn out.

Life after the pandemic doesn’t move as if it were there, only the wheels are spinning.

I had to spend a day and half a day without electricity after encountering a terrifying high wind storm. As I lived in a dark place, I was grateful for that little light.

We recently posted an interview with Eunice Bassler and her serving with Obria.  If you would like to learn more about the 40 Days for Life Campaign which was mentioned in the interview, simply go to to learn how you can pray effectively for the end of abortion.  Thanks!