Stirred hearts for the Sanctity of LIFE

Jill Scott   -  

Serve Thursday

September 3, 2020



Note of introduction from Kip:  God has called all of us to care for his causes, and to serve where he calls us.  Some of you have exemplary zeal for racial justice, others for feeding and clothing the poor, others for human trafficking, and so on (It’s a long list—God has a big heart!).  Some at Christ Community have had their hearts stirred to fight for the sanctity of life.  I trust you will be informed and encouraged as you read these words below from Eunice Bassler, who volunteers with Obria.  Thanks for joining us today! 



  1. Eunice, how did you develop an interest in advocating for the needs for the unborn?

My first memory of the evil of abortion was listening to a friend’s abortion story and hearing her express her pain, regret, and loss. It was through watching the long-haul multi-decade pro-life faithfulness of friends like Sue Bokhoven, Rosemary Wilson, Kathy Bunting, and Marcia Noxen that my own heart was softened toward the unborn. Norm Luiken sparked my interest in the Obria Medical Clinic of Ames (then called Informed Choices of Iowa), and Roger and Vicki Stover have demonstrated to me faithfulness to the unborn through their participation in 40 Days for Life.


  1. Please give our readers a thumbnail sketch concerning the ministry of Obria.

Obria Medical Clinic of Ames is pro-life clinic which offers faith-based services including: pregnancy verification–pregnancy tests and limited obstetrical ultrasounds); pre-termination evaluations–no-coercion decision guidance and information about abortion procedures, risks, and side effects;  STD/STI testing, treatment and risk avoidance education; women’s wellness exams including pap smears, Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) – help with PMS, infertility, hormonal imbalance, natural family planning; and Real Essentials Training – group or one-on-one healthy relationship coaching for 13 to 25-year-olds.


  1. Tell us about the ministry you have personally done with Obria over the years.

Sharon Becker and I are Church Liaison Volunteers. We work with Rhonda Morrison to provide information about Obria to our church. We promote service opportunities such as clinic volunteering and clinic maintenance, and we publicize the Clinic’s Walk for Life and other events.


  1. What is 40 Days for Life?

40 Days for Life is an internationally coordinated 40-day campaign, twice each year, that aims to end abortion locally through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful prayer vigil in front of abortion businesses. Since its first 2004 campaign in Bryan, Texas, it has spread to 855 cities and 63 countries. Since 2007 we know of 17,226 lives saved from abortion, 206 abortion workers quit their job, and 107 abortion facilities closed through 40 DFL efforts.


  1. Have you done the 40 Days of Life before? If so, how was it helpful?

Thanks to Vicki and Roger’s inspiration, I have participated one hour per week in several 40 DFL campaigns in front of the Ames Planned Parenthood Center. Quietly praying holding a sign that says, “Pray for the End of Abortion” provides a witness to the PP clients and those who drive/walk past, occasionally encourages conversations, and gradually softens hearts.


  1. What is most enjoyable for you in serving the rights of the unborn?

The pro-life folks at Christ Community and in Ames are good company. They are compassionate, empathetic, passionate, and they love the Lord. I highly recommend hanging out with them. J


  1. What is most challenging for you?

Serving the unborn takes me out of self-preoccupation and forces me out of my comfort zone.  The Word continually commands us to care for the vulnerable around us. And the reward for obedience to our Lord’s commands is always growing in our knowledge of God and falling more and more in love with Him. J


  1. Where is the spiritual battle raging right now in fighting for the unborn?

US Abortion Clock is a real-time abortion counter that tracks abortions in the US and Worldwide. (Click on the link for the sobering statistics.) Praying for the end of abortion with Ames 40 DFL and supporting Ames Obria as they serve women and men with unplanned pregnancies are two opportunities we have to impact these numbers. The spiritual battle for the unborn is raging right here in Ames in our own hearts.