Choose Greatness Study #3

Kyle Bartholic   -  

Compassion & Truth: A Servant’s Calling

Mark 2:1-12

Coming off of a preaching and healing tour, Jesus is about to clarify his mission and purpose. It is not just to heal and have compassion but it is also to teach timeless eternal truth that can actually change men’s hearts. He uses the faith of four friends and the unspoken questions of the religious elite to make his point clear. For those following Jesus, compassion and truth must go hand-in-hand.

This week’s teaching set forth a simple, Biblical “choose greatness” principle. 

In fishing for people, servants encounter those who need timely help and timeless truth.


  1. Who in my life is able or has been able to speak truth most clearly? Why or how so?
  2. What role does compassion or grace play in my reception of truth?


The next four sections in Mark (2:13-3:6) will wrestle with this very truth. Compassion should lead to eternal timeless truth so that the lives of our neighbors can be changed. Spend time reading through these sections and talking about the truths that stand out to you. Follow the O.P.A. method.

Observations – Make 7-10 observations from the passage.

  • What stands out to you? (Words that are repeated, places, people, ideas, or questions that you might have.)

Principles – From your list of observations, write out 2-4 principles (truths) that stand out in this passage.

Application (Prioritize APPLICATION) – From your list of principles, which 1-2 truths does the Lord want you to apply to your life this week?

  • Remember, a good application is memorable and measurable.
  • Consider: Who is your neighbor? How does God deal with me compassionately and in truth on a daily basis? How can compassion be a receptive avenue for truth in the lives of my neighbors?