Serve Thursday-Ames Housewarming, serving with Overflow

Jill Scott   -  

This week for Serve Thursday we are featuring our partnership with Overflow.  We trust that the video and the article will engage both your heart and hands as we seek to serve our community and world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

During the next month, Christ Community Church will be collecting donations for our community through our event called “Ames Housewarming”.  We  want to love and bless people in our community with basic items they need.  More people than ever before are having trouble making ends meet and providing the necessities for their families.

Items we are collecting include hygiene products, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, paper products, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, food, microwavable shelf safe foods, sheets, towels, blankets, yarn and gift cards.

Please stop by the Ames Housewarming kiosk this month for a list of items.  If you have questions or would like items picked up call Debbie Johnson at 515-231-6689 or email me at

Ames Housewarming is contributing to Overflow, Access, Butterfly Freedom House, Matthew 25 House, Wings of Refuge and the Bridge Home.  By giving to these ministries, we are helping them to more efficiently carry out their mission. ~Debbie Johnson