Anxiety Conversation Kit

Moriah Cooper   -  

This season has taken a toll. Anxiety is creeping into the hearts and minds of students and it can intimidating to know how to approach such a daunting enemy. Having open and frequent conversations with students allows them the freedom to communicate and share as they wrestle with difficult things in their hearts.

We want to offer a resource that may be helpful as you have these conversations. This conversation kit on Anxiety consists of four ~15 min discussions that can be done in one sitting or over time. There are chances for you to learn alongside your student as well as foster discussion together. There is an intro explaining how to use this resource and discussion guides for each section as well as a worksheet if you are a fill in the blank type.

If you want some background before walking into this conversation with your teen, check out the parent guide.

We are praying for open and freeing conversation between you and your teen!

Start Here! Anxiety Conversation Kit Introduction

Each video section has a conversation guide for you to follow along and walk through with your teen:

Anxiety Video Guide 1 (minutes 00-11:54)

Anxiety Video Guide 2 (minutes 11:54-24:05)

Anxiety Video Guide 3 (minutes 24:05-35:48)

Anxiety Video Guide 4 (minutes 35:48-50:58)

Anxiety Worksheet

Anxiety Answers