Unleashed 3:20 February Update

Mark Henderson   -  

Five years ago we set a goal to eliminate our debt on the incredible facility God blessed us with for the ministry of connecting people to life-defining relationships in Christ. Unleashed 3:20 End Strong is our call to this church family to finish our current financial campaign.

Here is a quick 2021 UPDATE to our giving roadmap. Thank you for your generous 2020 year-end giving! Nearly $300,000 was given to help eliminate our facility debt, reducing our obligation to $1.2 million. End Strong has us thinking about God-sized dreams and we’re excited for what the future holds. If you’ve responded and committed to joining this emphasis, we look forward to ending strong together in March of 2021. Any balance remaining on our facility debt will factor into our budget planning for the next budget year beginning in June, 2021.

If you’d like to join the Unleashed 320 End Strong effort, visit our giving page and make a donation to unleash us into the potential ministry that God is calling us to in this next season at Christ Community Church.