Christology Study #1

Mark Henderson   -  

This week’s teaching unpacked the truth that God’s true nature is not characterized by seizing, grasping, or attaining, but rather by sharing, by open-handed giving, and by pouring oneself out for others in order to enrich them.

Get STARTED – Talk about who in your life has modeled true humility for you?

  • What imprint on your life?
  • Why was his/her imprint head-and-shoulders over others? God’s hand in this?
  • What fruit was born in their life through that surprising humility?

Explore the WORD   Paul is writing Philippians to a group of believers that needed to be reminded that their ultimate citizenship is in heaven. And their lives here and now are to be marked by the character of Jesus.  Go back and re-read Phil. 2:1-11. Follow the study method (OPA) below, paying attention to the noted themes.

Theme to keep an eye out for:

  • He (Paul) begs them to live humbly, generously, unself-consciously, while being thoughtfully concerned for the welfare of those around them (2:1–5), for this was the attitude that Christ Jesus possessed and that governed all of his conduct—an attitude to be emulated by all who call themselves by his name.[1]

Observations – Make 7-10 observations from the passage.

  • What stands out to you? (Words that are repeated, places, people, ideas, or questions that you might have.)

Principles – From your list of observations, write out 2-4 principles (truths) that stand out in this passage.

Application (Prioritize APPLICATION) – From your list of principles, which 1-2 truths does the Lord want you to apply to your life this week?

  • Remember, a good application is memorable and measurable.
  • Consider: How does this help or push me to embrace the way of Jesus more specifically this week?

[1] Gerald F. Hawthorne, “Philippians, Letter to The,” ed. Gerald F. Hawthorne, Ralph P. Martin, and Daniel G. Reid, Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1993), 712.