Arrived at UCI!

Jim & Marcy Ryken   -  

It was an early and beautiful morning in Fort Pierce.  Our day’s journey began with our weigh-in.  We brought 150 pounds over our allotment, knowing that we could ship the extra on a cargo flight next month.  The staff tallied all the bags, and then weighed the team in two groups.  Final verdict: we were 2 pounds over the plane’s limit (within the margin of error) including all our bags.  A minor miracle and cause for a celebration.

We watched the sunrise over the Atlantic as few flew Southeast for about 3 hours to Cap Haitian.  Our plane was a DC3 built in the 1960s and converted from its former life in the military.  In Cap Haitian we cleared immigration while customs officials inspected our luggage on the plane.  Once everything was official, we re-boarded for a short 15 flight to the grass strip at Pignon.

We were warmly welcomed just before lunch by Kristie, Kerri, and JeanJean.  Lunch was wonderful.  After lunch, part of the team got to help teach English to some elementary students.

Kristie gave us a walking history tour of UCI.  It’s amazing all that God has done and continues to do in the region.  From nothing but some waste land, Voodoo drums and a clear calling to be here, to a school with 1,300 students and a University with 1,000 students and a transformed community and an obvious sense of hope.  God is so good!!!

We also found time to purchase and package 600 pounds of rice which we will distribute over the next few days.

Day 1 is complete.  The team is tired and excited by what we experienced today and the anticipation of what tomorrow holds.

Good Night,