1 John Study Questions #3

Kyle Bartholic   -  

The Motivation for Selfless Love

1 John 2:7-11

INTRODUCTION:  We have heard John say “My little children…” in 2:1. And now, he starts off his next main pericope (2:7) with “Beloved.” Why are these phrases important? They tell us that John loves this group he is writing to, has a deep personal connection to them, and feels the burden they feel. I.e., He doesn’t want them to miss the truth he is teaching them. What truth is that? Loving our neighbors with selfless love is an essential mark of a follower of Jesus. In 2:8, he will remind them that God’s love is true in Jesus and in them because the true light is already shining through. That is, Jesus is visible in their lives through their obedience. But, this love isn’t just for them; selfless love is to be given away. That is what Jesus did, and we are to be like him. Jesus graciously loved us enough to endure the cross. That grace changes our lives. And grace experienced is our motivation to love selflessly.

GETTING STARTED – Share within your group a time when you tangibly experienced grace. How did you know it was grace? How did it impact you?

IN THE WORD –   Let’s dig back into the passage. First, before you read the passage, take a moment to ask God’s Spirit to quiet your mind and heart and to illuminate the text to you. Second, read the passage aloud to the group. Then, follow the simple method below. (O.P.A)

Observe: Make 8-10 observations from the passage. Pay close attention to observe and note repeated words and phrases, names, places, and themes.



Principles: From your list of observations, what patterns or big ideas do you see emerging? Can you distill it down into 2-4 big idea truths?



Apply: Moving from your list of principles, it is time to apply God’s Word. Remember, we believe that God’s Word is living and active and that it can change the way we live Monday- Friday. What is one tangible way to apply a truth from your list above?