Study Questions Acts #11

Kyle Bartholic   -  

Good News For All

Acts 10:1-48

INTRODUCTION:  The significance of this scene is that what began as a Jewish movement struggling for acceptance within Judaism has now expanded to become a movement to reach all people. God directs and confirms this expansion. Theophilus (Luke’s intended audience: see Acts 1:1) may well have been a “God-fearer” who was struggling with his choice to be part of this Jesus movement. After all, many of the original Jewish recipients of the kingdom promise were hesitant to join. In addition, the God-fearers and Gentiles to whom the movement expanded later were controversial members. Did Theophilus really belong here? Was this really God’s movement, given the persecution it was facing? Should he stay in or be a part of it? Luke’s answer is that God designed all of this, namely, Jesus’s rejection, the church’s suffering, and, especially, Gentile inclusion.[1]


GETTING STARTED – As a group, talk about a time you felt included in something? Or, perhaps a time you weren’t and what you learned from that experience. Is there someone in your life that really excels at being generous with their presence? What do they do that impresses you?


IN THE WORD –   Let’s dig back into the passage. It is important to strengthen our muscles in reading God’s Word. On Sunday, we walked through the passage in the sermon. Hopefully, that helped you to see the landmarks of the passage with fresh eyes. Now, with your group, go back through it and see what God is saying to you specifically.


First, before you read the passage, take a moment to ask God’s Spirit to quiet your mind and heart and to illuminate the text to you. Second, read the passage aloud to the group. Then, follow the simple method below. (O.P.A)

Observe: Make 8-10 observations from the passage. Pay close attention to observe and note repeated words and phrases, names, places, and themes.



Principles: From your list of observations, what patterns or big ideas do you see emerging? Can you distill it down into 2-4 big idea truths?



Apply: Moving from your list of principles, it is time to apply God’s Word. Remember, we believe that God’s Word is living and active and that it can change the way we live Monday- Friday. What is one tangible way to apply a truth from your list above?


[1] Darrell L. Bock, Acts, Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2007), 383.