Moriah Cooper   -  

What does it look like to really truly rest? God has an answer for this and wants to speak life over your student and your family. God’s answer for rest is so much better than the strategies the world claims will fill and revive. Check out these parent guides for resources on how to talk and engage with your teen about rest as well as context for the world they are swimming in.

Sabbath and Rest: Rest is not just a one time thing. Rhythms of rest train our hearts to trust and lean into the Lord and sabbath is commanded by God. This parent guide breaks down big ideas around sabbath and rest in order for you to better engage with your teen.

Sleep: Teens need sleep! But so much fights against that. This parent guide holds some good questions and context for conversations with your teen. And some encouragement 🙂

Smartphone Addiction: Smartphones are tough. This parent guide gives some tools for students and families to flourish with technology!

Smartphones: We know what they are but what else is there to the story? This parent guide walks through the picture of smartphones in your teens life and gives parents resources for talking about phones with their teens!

Boredom: What is boredom? Good? Bad? Ugly? Summer is here so this resource may be helpful for having conversations around how to use time and what God intends for our actions and minds.