Women’s Connect December Devotional

Rachel Greene   -  

Enjoy this devotional, written by Jessie Borkowski. Be encouraged, friends, that Jesus is transforming us from the inside out as we spend time with Him! He has made us white as freshly fallen snow! Thank you, Jessie, for sharing this wonderful word with us!

If you have a devotion or word on your heart that you sense the Spirit is prompting you to share, we would love to hear it! Please send me an email at rgreene@ccames.org if this is on your heart.






My friends and I had tickets for a movie. I was going to pick them up and left early enough to wash and clean out my vehicle. I was going through the wash and realized I was running out of time so instead of cleaning the inside of the vehicle I hurried out of there.


As I was driving down the road I thought about the outward and inward appearance of my vehicle and then I thought of my outward and inward appearance. Do I only care about the outside where people can see? Or do I care for and nurture the inside?



This is something God revealed to me – to be sure I am continually nurturing my inward beauty. This, my friends, comes only from the close relationship with our Heavenly Father. He provides us with the Holy Spirit who helps us to become more like Him through His Word and time with Him.

Are you focusing on your inward beauty?