Giving Update | January 2023

Mark Henderson   -  


First, let me say thank you for your radical generosity toward our mission in December! The generous giving of this church body throughout 2022 was vividly seen through the final month up until the very last hour! Just over $525,000 was given towards advancing the mission of connecting people into life-defining relationships in Christ.

Your abundant faithfulness allows us to continue advancing the mission. Through your generosity, we as a church continue to be positioned to pursue ministry that meets our neighbor’s needs and prayerfully dream about the future. The Stewardship Team is thrilled to report that our mortgage commitment is now below $800,000 because of your radical generosity! An amazing milestone. Simply put, your steady, faithful, and generous giving makes it possible to run hard after our mission together.


So, how might you partner with us through giving in 2023?

First, it is our commitment to make sure to keep our membership informed on the financial health of our ministry.

Second, we want to say thank you for your faithful and generous giving over this last year. We have significant cash flow reserves and are still more than able to get after ministry together. We are excited about what God has ahead for this wonderful church.

Third, we know that many are looking to give in difference-making ways. If you are looking to do that, would you consider asking the Lord how your gift can help advance ministry by giving to the annual budget; help pay down or mortgage debt through the unleashed 320 fund, or bless those in our community in need by giving to the caring fund? All of the dollars given to the caring fund go directly to meet the needs of our community. (

Again, thank you so very much for your faithful generosity with your time, talents, and treasure. Eternity is being shaped by this church.

Not because of who we are, but because of who Jesus is in and through us.