Revelation #6 – Study Questions

Kyle Bartholic   -  

Revelation CGS – Week 6

A message to Thyatira – Your inner life matters.

Revelation 2:18-29


INTRODUCTION:  As we have been going through this second section in Revelation, we are reminded of the reality that the seven churches were real churches that faced real pressures. Their stories, commendations, warnings, and being called out remind us that we are not all that different from them. In fact, in each church, we can see a part of ourselves, our struggles, and how we are growing to be like Jesus. So, Thyatira, what kind of place was it? Lydia, Paul’s first convert in Philippi, was from the city of Thyatira (Acts 16:14). The purple cloth she sold was a major product of that city. However, Thyatira was known for little else of importance. Of the seven cities of Asia mentioned in Revelation, Thyatira was the least significant, though the church there received the longest letter. It is known that the city had many trade guilds, and it would have been difficult to make a living without participating in one of them. Yet the guilds practiced idolatrous rites at their gatherings, which Christians could not countenance. Therefore, the Christians in Thyatira may have been hard-pressed to support themselves and their families without resorting to some measure of compromise with idolatry.[1]


For this church, the economic pressures mounted, and they struggled to remain faithful. Some had given in and embraced sin as a way of life, while others struggled to remain faithful. Jesus cuts through the clutter of their moment and reminds them of who he is, and a key truth, the quality of my outer life begins with the quality of my inner life.




GETTING STARTED – We’ve all been there, looking at something that we wanted, enticed by what it promised to only be filled with regret or disappointment when it was obtained. Whatever that thing (food, possession, relationship) promised didn’t deliver. As you begin your group time this week, share about a time that happened to you. This could be a tough lesson learned or something more humorous. We’ve all been there spending good money and having buyers regret or wishing we didn’t order that triple deluxe burger at 10 pm!



IN THE WORD –   Let’s dig back into the passage. It is important to strengthen our muscles in reading God’s Word. On Sunday, we walked through the passage in the sermon. Hopefully, that helped you to see the landmarks of the passage with fresh eyes. Now, with your group, go back through it and see what God is saying to you specifically.

First, before you read the passage, take a moment to ask God’s Spirit to quiet your mind and heart and to illuminate the text to you. Second, read the passage aloud to the group. Then, follow the simple method below. (O.P.A)


Observe: Make 8-10 observations from the passage. Pay close attention to observe and note repeated words and phrases, names, places, and themes.


Principles: From your list of observations, what patterns or big ideas do you see emerging? Can you distill it down into 2-4 big idea truths?




Apply: Moving from your list of principles, it is time to apply God’s Word. Remember, we believe that God’s Word is living and active and that it can change the way we live Monday- Friday. What is one tangible way to apply a truth from your list above?



Note: Revelation can be a tough book. Here are some questions that might help with discussion.

  1. What stands out to you about this church’s situation and the image of Jesus that is presented to them? How does that apply or speak to your spiritual life?
  2. Sometimes sin can present in a bold way, that is, we know it is sin, and we are able to avoid it with relative ease. More often, sin is seductive and presents in ways that we tend to justify or explain away and then give into. What patterns or practices are in your life to help you see through the seduction of sin?
  3. Read 2 Cor. 10:3-6 and discuss how Paul’s words help inform your perspective on fleeing sin and dealing with temptation.
  4. As you read in Paul’s words in 2 Cor. 10:3-6, what does it look like to take every thought captive and obey Christ in your daily life?
  5. How seriously do you take sin? Or, how seriously do you take the call to glorify Christ? There were two groups in Thyatira, those who didn’t take sin seriously and those who struggled to be faithful and glorify Christ. How do you see yourself in both groups?










[1] Steve Gregg, Revelation, Four Views: A Parallel Commentary (Nashville, TN: T. Nelson Publishers, 1997), 70–71.