Serve Thursday 10.15.23

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Serve News…

Haiti Christmas Gift Project is in full swing! 218 children have already been sponsored in the first two weeks of distributing bags! What an amazing display of care and love towards kids in Haiti! We have 71 kiddos left to be sponsored!! Specifically, that is 30 first graders, 30 kindergarteners and 11 preschoolers who need someone to sponsor them this Christmas 🙂 If you have been interested in sponsoring a kid in Haiti this Christmas but were unable to sign up on the past two Sundays or you are just hearing about this now, it is not too late!! You have a couple of options if you’d like to participate. You can opt to fill up a bag yourself and pay 15 dollars for shipping. Or you can opt for someone to fill the bag for you for 55 dollars, which includes shipping. If you are interested, sign up online here and collect your bag pre-assigned bag on Sunday at the kiosk! If you’d like to sponsor a bag being filled up on your behalf, you can come and collect the picture of the child you are sponsoring to keep!

Feel free to get creative with this! We have had people who are filling up bags with their connect group and some are filling up bags with colleagues at work; there are so many options of how you can help and get others involved!!

If you think anyone else outside of the church would be interested in participating, feel free to have them sign up as well! Email me, Abbey Stanton, at with any questions or concerns. I can help distribute bags to people in Ames who can’t come on Sunday!

We will be collecting filled bags on Sunday the 15th and 22nd. If you would be interested in helping us package these bags and get them ready to be sent to Haiti on October 29th, we would love your help! Email me at and let me know you are interested in volunteering!!

Something to Think About…

Did you know that in Iowa238,290 people are facing hunger – and of them 68,990 are children.

Three Sentences of Serve…

“There’s something sacred that compels us out of waiting and into creating when we claim our small dreams and move forward with them.”

-Liz Bohannon on the danger of hiding behind big dreams and the challenges that can forestall them.

Local calls.

Local is hard.

Local matters.

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